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Brian Truckenbrodt, a self-taught photographer and ‘scanographer’, presents his Flora Series of images for your consideration.  Originally from Lodi, New Jersey, Brian spent several years in South Carolina and Virginia before settling down in Maryland with his wife and two sons.  His style and technique are the result of years of experimentation and refinement, culminating in the images you see today.  What began as a hobby of drying and pressing flowers has evolved into the creation of beautiful, ultra-high definition floral portraits.

Starting with a freshly cut flower, Brian captures the progression of the bloom as it begins to age and dry.  Over the course of hours, or several days in some cases, the flower undergoes an intense transformation, altering its personality in shape, color, and design.  Each image captures the flower on this journey through time as a witness to the dramatic changes in form, structure, and appearance

And, I'm the old guy above; on the left; light gray sweatshirt

 Upcoming Exhibitions:

 Hoboken Fall Arts and Music Festival   Hoboken, New Jersey 

 29 SEPTEMBER, 2019

 Past Exhibitions:

 Catonsville Arts and Crafts Show           Catonsville, Maryland


 9 SEPTEMBER, 2016

 Westminster Flower and Jazz Festival
 Westminster, Maryland

  5 MAY, 2019

 SOWEBO Arts and Music Festival
 Baltimore, Maryland

  29 MAY, 2019

 Arbutus Arts and Craft Show
 Arbutus, Maryland

 20 MAY, 2017

 Arbutus Arts and Craft Show
 Arbutus, Maryland

 19 MAY, 2019

 Edgewater Arts and Music Festival
 Edgewater, New Jersey

 8 SEPTEMBER, 2019

September, 2019

Edgewater (NJ) Arts Council, 28th Annual Arts and Music Festival

First Place - Best of Show

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